Classical Economic theory is driven by curve of Demand and Supply. The lines cuts, and the market gets the Value of the things. This value is the Monetary one, devoid of notions of necessity and want. One who has the Muscle in terms of money and power gets what he wants.

We at RON want to challenge this theory with Project Upgrade. Come join us in creating an ecosystem that questions the very basic assumption of Market Economics by creating a Emotional Economy.

We are here for the revolution. We want you, to come and be a part of this dream where we share, not in expectation of monetary return or with a motto of getting rid of the junk. It's rather about constructing a platform where we pass on things to someone who is in need, irrespective of all forms of labels like class, caste or creed. We want to foster the relationship based interaction where Emotions hold the value and Happiness be the dividend.

Connect with us for 'Sharing' that could be anything, tangible and intangibles. To give this idea a form. Imagine sharing 'The Alchemist' with someone who is clueless in life, Or be someone who buys an Insurance cover for the underprivileged. An old table lamp in your storeroom, lighting someone's study table. Or a blanket for someone on the pavement withering in cold.

Now to realise this dream of spreading selfless happiness, we are going to organise several events across multiple locations in India. If you believe you can be a part of this awesome campaign, come join us and be a part of this celebration. Please reach out to our volunteers for the list of items accepted as in-kind donation, bank details for cash donations and regarding venue details.

Pune: Ishita Chawda (7507284351)
Bangalore: Ushasee Deka (9776817499)
Bhubaneswar: Adil Zeya (9040442720)
Thrissur: 94469299923
Mumbai: Gunjar Fuley (9938126651)
Delhi: Himani Sharma (9205056271)

List of items for Delhi: click here.

If you cannot make it to any these locations and you still feel enthusiastic about this idea, we have got something better for you. you can join our online campaign, where many more like you are taking it forward on their own and making this idea spread across every corner of the world. For more details please click here.